past exhibitions


Weekends 1-30 Aug 2020

Showcase of Huon Valley based artists and artisans held at the iconic Tahune Advenutres.

Andrew Smyth, Andy Moneghittie, Cassie Sullivan, Eleanor Alicia Shaw, Harriet Paul, Kelly Hammond, Malcolm Strong


"I See, I Feel, I Shoot"

16-23 February 2020

Collective photographic exhibition showcasing the art of photography.

Bronilyn Smith & 

Karen Stack


"The Fascinating World of Insects"

6-9March 2020

A photographic and textile art exhibition revealing the importance of insects and their place in the world

Gus Howe


"Variations On A Theme"

8-22 January 2020

Graduating solo show.  A homage to the complex, multilayered and magical nature of life. 

Norah Wenrui Wu



26Feb-15March 2020

Solo photographic exhibition exploring the sacred female form

Shaleen Shajith



18 Dec-2 Jan 2020

Graduating solo show.  Exploring the past, present and future through glitch, vaporwave, digital portraiture and collaged found objects.

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